What is BeetleDoo?

BeetleDoo was founded to create fun and engaging media to empower kids with the tools they need to connect with themselves and the world around them in positive and productive ways.

From puppet videos to educational sing-alongs and school visits, we strive to make everything we do playful, interactive and full of opportunities to practice the BeetleDoo ABCs: Adaptability, Breathing and Concentration. When everyone has these skills, we are able to be kind to ourselves, each other and the planet we all live on!

BeetleDoo was founded by Cody Rounds and Jordan P. Novak.

Who is BeetleDoo?
Cody Rounds


Cody began her career as a visual artist after attending The College of New Jersey. Her art focused on themes of philosophy and she brought that same passion for philosophy into teaching adults the skills and concepts of self-regulation and self-awareness. Her goal was to help as many people as she could achieve happy, well-adjusted lives, but as she went along, she found that she was un-teaching as much as she was teaching. She realized these skills should be taught and practiced as early in life as possible; so she began working with children. It wasn't long before she teamed up with Jordan Novak and turned their mutual passion into BeetleDoo. 

Jessica Poggioli, Psy.D.

Content Advisor

Dr. Jess is a licensed psychologist who assesses and coaches kids with ADHD and other executive function issues.  She has incorporated metacognitive and mindfulness components Into her practice since the early days when she was a therapist treating OCD and other anxiety disorders.  Dr. Jess believes that teaching children about their breathing can help improve self-regulation as well as increase other executive function skills, but she never found methods that got kids excited about learning or practicing these techniques until she was invited to join BeetleDoo.  Dr. Jess is in private practice in NJ and NY, and she previously worked at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.  She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and her two very active little superhero fairy LEGO building ballerinas.